A few weeks ago I spent a day back in the kitchen of one of the great American Restaurants "Gotham Bar & Grill". I was their Sous Chef during the late 80s and spend 3 1/2 years working under Chef/Owner Alfred Portale. Probably the hardest job I ever had. This was before the army of cooking school interns which help out at every station today. The most amazing thing about their operation is that Chef Portale has been at the helm continuously for the past 30+ years, and many of his staff have been there along side him all this time – including Chef de Cuisine Jacinto Gaudarrama, office manager Sandra (that's how they know who I am every time I call!), and Ahmed who still works the dining room with a warm smile. It was great getting back there to see this well oiled machine in action. Their attention to detail is unusual for a restaurant that puts out 200+ dinner a night. The food looked so good my wife and I dined there 2 weeks later. We had to go back for their Foie Gras with Figs, Almonds and Dates.