Presenting Beth Cook

Hi my name is Beth and I have ben employed as a bartender at Gladstone Tavern for a little over 10 years.  Over the years Gladstone Tavern has gone from job to second home.  My daughter Jessica worked as a server while in college and years later came back after her children were born.  Jessica was married right here at the Tavern.  My son Chad who is a musician, played there with the Psycho Delics Band.  My husband and I are Santa and Mrs. Claus on family day, which is one of the best days of the year.  My husband also plays bouncer during The Hunt festivities and every year my family volunteers serving our veterans a Thanksgiving feast at the Tavern.  I love my job and have made some really wonderful friends (family) along the way.  Robby Seibert is my Friday night partner and "work husband".  Jasmine Brenton is my little sister and laughing partner.  Our management team is the absolute best and our guests are the reason I love my job.  Last but not least, Tom Carlin is not only the owner and the Boss, he is family, and family sticks together.  As I have crossed over 10 years I want to thank everyone for a beautiful experience and am looking forward the next 10?!!?