We are pleased to feature peaches from Melick's Town Farm during our Peach-centric Menu • August 3-8 2017

It's early August — time for Jersey fresh peaches! You won't find a more delicious peach than the ones grown at Melick's Town Farm. During the peak of peach season, they will pick nearly 400 baskets of peaches a day. We'll use Melick's family farmed peaches in specialty cocktails, such as the Peaches & Herb or Peach Sangria and throughout this specialty menu! This versatile fruit is delicious and works well in every course — whether used in a condiment such as a salsa or an accompaniment. We're showcasing the delicious peaches in our award winning Pork 'n' Peach Chili, and also the Roasted Peach & Burrata Salad. Peach themed main courses include Grilled Red Snapper with Charred Peach Salad and Seared Pork "Filet Mignon" with Grilled Peach. We love to cook with this fantastic fruit, so save room for specialty desserts, Lil' Peach Pie and White Peach-Opal Basil Sorbet and Peaches and Cream ice creamYUM!